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Safety measures against COVID-19

Stay Safe at Thess Residences!

When we proudly opened the Thess Residences doors in September 2019, introducing a fresh, innovative holiday accommodation in the heart of the city, to the domestic and foreign market, we never imagined that its concept would come to be extremely topical, even essential, quite soon.
Absolute privacy, almost zero contact with the professionally trained staff, housekeeping services only upon request and numerous facilities, like gym, business centre and meeting room, all accessible, only through a strictly personal key card. No room for overcrowding while entry for non-residents is prohibited.
In March 2020 we had to close just like all Hotel units in Greece and since then, we have been closely monitoring all epidemiologic and regulatory developments both in Greece and worldwide. We are thrilled to be eventually able to re-open Thess Residences on June 6th in order to welcome travellers again to Thessaloniki. Strictly following the rules of the scientific community and all the obligatory hygiene protocols for the Greek hotels issued by the Greek goverment, our main priority is to ensure the safety and good health of our staff and our guests, thus we have taken all necessary measures against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Safety & Hygiene measures taken by Thess Residences

Maintenance of the air-conditioning system with the highest standards, removal of all unnecessary, ornamental items from our apartments, special cleaning and sanitization with certified products throughout the apartments and all public spaces, natural air ventilation of all common and private spaces, antiseptic gel rubs, masks, gloves and shoecovers are at our guests’ disposal in numerous spots throughout our property and have created a safe, sanitized and protected environment.

From the time of your booking, all necessary documents, either informative or due for signature or payment, are sent to you digitally; as soon as you arrive to the property, you only pick-up your strictly personal key-card and you start enjoying your stay, safe and sound. Have a look and take advantage of our super flexible cancellation policy.

Your apartment has just been cleaned and sanitized as well as every single item in it, while you can request from your hostess anything else you may need and you will receive it with zero human contact. No one will enter your residence unless you ask for it.

Thess Residences’ hostesses are always at your disposal to answer any question, arrange your fun tour or activities or just help you with anything you may need.

Our property has taken all obligatory safety and hygiene measures according to the Greek government and the Ministry of Health directives.

We stay alert, we stay positive and, most of all, we all stay safe!!!!!!


  • We provide information to our guests about: a) our property’s policy and the measures we have taken in case we need to handle any suspected case of COVID-19 b) useful information for health infrastructure, public and private clinics, reference hospitals for COVID-19 and nearby pharmacies c) we provide all necessary means of personal protection
  • At the Reception there are antiseptic gel rubs, gloves, medical masks and shoe covers for our guests, as well as, clear safety and hygiene instructions that need to be followed by everyone
  • The surfaces or the reception, the main door and the elevator are being constantly sanitized
  • We have re-arranged the furniture and have also placed floor markings in the reception and lobby area to promote safe distances of at least 1,5m, that need to be kept.
  • The personal key-cards are being sanitized in front of our guest. This personal, single key card can be used to access all public spaces of the property while entry to non-residents is prohibited throughout the building
  • We keep and update the mandatory Incident book

Public Spaces

  • We have put up instruction signs in all public spaces listing all mandatory safety and hygiene instructions that all guests should follow (wash hands frequently with soap for at least 20’’ or use an antiseptic gel, keep 1,5m distance one from another, avoid unnecessary contact, follow the floor markings to stand in the public spaces, contact the property’s hostesses in the event of illness of any kind)
  • In every floor you will find stations with antiseptic gel rub
  • There are floor markings, guests and staff should follow to avoid overcrowding
  • There are instructions for using the fitness room (entrance is prohibited to more than two people each time) and the laundry room
  • We follow the official programme of cleaning and sanitization issued by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO)
  • We have reinforced the hygiene services in all public spaces with a special focus to “high risk” objects like doorknobs, handles and elevator buttons
  • Entrance to non-residents is strictly prohibited in all property spaces
  • We have added an automatic vending machine for the guests’ convenience offering various snacks, refreshments and juices

Housekeeping, Hygiene & Sanitization Services (public spaces & residences)

  • We thoroughly clean and sanitize each residence as well as naturally ventilate it, through open windows between guests stay
  • The housekeeping staff uses mask and gloves and fully complies with all personal hygiene rules
  • There is absolutely no direct or indirect contact between the housekeeping staff and guests as the former do not enter the residence unless the guests requests it
  • We do not change linen and towels daily but only upon guest request
  • After each guest check-out the residences are being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Most multiple use objects have been removed from all residences and the ones that remain in the residences are sanitized and sealed. All other kitchen items can be requested by the guest upon arrival or by filling out our item list. We use only certified products for cleaning and sanitizing all spaces and residences
  • All public spaces are constantly being cleaned and thoroughly sanitized
  • We have executed a special maintenance of our air-conditioning system as well as a chemical cleaning with certified products. Moreover and for as long as the pandemic goes on, we have taken measures that comply with ESGLI (European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) directives for handling Legionella in our water system
  • Most equipment from the residences has been removed but is available free of charge upon request, having been thoroughly sanitized. The equipment that is still in the residences is being thoroughly sanitized and sealed for each guest
  • We use steam cleaners to sanitize all fabric surfaces and objects

Staff Safety & Training

  • Our staff has been extensively trained in hygiene and safety, according to the official protocol for hotels by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and the Ministry of Health. They have also been fully trained to apply all special measures against COVID-19
  • Our property has been equipped with sufficient Personal Protection Equipment and has secured their uninterrupted supply. It offers gloves, masks, shoe covers and stations with antiseptic hand gel in all floors. The hostesses are also equipped with face shields
  • Every single member of our team and staff strictly follows all measures of personal safety and hygiene and is fully trained and skilled to support guests in health matters
  • Our team and staff is fully informed of our prevention plan and our official action plan for suspected cases of COVID-19
  • Our staff is at our guests disposal any time for information and support

Guest Services, Check-in / Check-out

  • All check-in related documents, the informative documentation as well as the payment process for your booking are being settled online promoting contactless operations
  • We have extended the duration between a guest’s check-out and the next guest’s check-in (check-out latest until 11am and check-in not earlier than 3pm). This extension ensures thorough cleaning and sanitization as well as adequate natural air ventilation of the residences

Medical Support

Collaborating Doctor
We have established a collaboration with a doctor, according to the official safety protocols, and our staff has been trained on behalf of him

Prevention Plan
There is an official Prevention Plan in place, following specific protocols for the housekeeping and reception services

Action Plan
There is an official property Action Plan for suspected cases of COVID-19. Our Residence Manager, Despina Tziraki, is in charge for applying the Action Plan and her substitute is our Residence Hostess, Nonna Saridou

Medical Equipment
There is special medical equipment (medical kit) for any suspected case that includes gloves, disposable medical masks, antiseptic gel rubs, antiseptic wipes, medical gown, protective coveralls, laser thermometer

Protection & Safety Instructions for Thess Residences' Guests

Keep distances of 1,5m icon
Keep the required distances of 1,5m & follow the floor markings to stand in line
Wash your hands with soap thoroughly
Use an alcohol-based hand rub after contact with any object or surface & frequently wash your hands with soap for at least 20''
sneeze & cough within your elbow icon
Practice good respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs & sneezes into your elbow or sleeve, not your hands
avoid crowds icon
Do not gather in groups & avoid overcrowding in the public areas
two people in elevator icon
The elevator should be used by maximum 2 people
Handshake icon
Avoid any unnecessary contact
personal key card icon
Your key card should be used exclusively by you & you should not share with anyone else
Medical mask icon
There are hygiene masks, gloves and antiseptic stations at your disposal
Doctor with medical mask icon
If you feel sick or have a fever, please notify your hostess immediately in order to call our doctor
Call icon
Contact your hostess at +30 6981400011 & +30 6981400012 for any clarifications you might need

Relevant Files

Have a look and download here all files relevant to guest processes, information and protection measures against COVID-19.


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