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City centre apartments in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thess Residences is a newly established, fully refurbished hospitality complex of urban apartments in Thessaloniki and, undeniably, one of the best places to stay in Thessaloniki either you are travelling for vacation or business. Boasting an amazing location, right in the city centre and at walking distance from some of the top Thessaloniki’s landmarks and points of interest, the property has been designed to serve all modern needs featuring cutting-edge technological systems and appliances, premium furniture and top quality materials in its 25 luxury yet affordable apartments that resemble a proper home rather than the typical short term and long term rentals in Thessaloniki.
Just a few steps from the popular Agiou Dimitriou Street, Thess Residences is a very convenient starting point for your explorations of the city, its contemporary hotspots, like Paralia (aka the waterfront) and Bit Bazaar, as well as its cultural marvels, like the Holy Apostles church and Ano Poli (the old town of the city). Take the time to study your options in the convenience of your luxury apartment, ask your Residence Manager to help you plan the best things to do in Thessaloniki and start the discovery of this stunning city in only a few minutes.


Long-term and holiday rentals in Thessaloniki, in the city centre

Thess Residences is definitely the best choice for those who search for the best Thessaloniki vacation rentals; but it is not only that. The construction process, the materials and all the furnishings, equipment and amenities of the property make it also the top choice for those seeking for a proper house for rent in Thessaloniki for their long-term stay, either for studies or business. Its amazing, super convenient location in one of the upcoming neighbourhoods of the city, its proximity to the commercial centre and all important landmarks enables its future residents to reach most places by just walking.
Additionally, your Residence Manager will make sure you’ll have anything you may need for your flat and will connect you with any local business and/or service that will make your stay as smooth and carefree as possible.
Either you are looking to rent an apartment in Thessaloniki or search for affordable short term accommodation in Thessaloniki for your holidays, our property will definitely satisfy any need as our collection of refined flats varies in size and spaces’ arrangement, from single-space apartments to apartments of 3 or 4 separate rooms that mostly resemble a house than a simple rental.
If this is not your home in Thessaloniki, then what could be?
Take a look at the map below to get a better idea of your location and confirm that you are just a breath away from all the city’s points of interest.

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