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Fully Serviced Residences in Thessaloniki, Greece

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Thessaloniki—often affectionately referred to as Saloniki by locals—stands Thess Residences, an exquisite blend of luxury and affordability. Our contemporary, self-catering apartments offer the comfort of home with the convenience of short and long-term rentals, making us your personal haven in Thessaloniki, regardless of the length of your stay. Whether you’re here for a fleeting visit or a months-long sojourn, or seeking a vacation retreat or a business base, our versatile range of upscale flats caters to every need.

This striking building, established in 1951, tells a rich history of resilience and tradition. Initially, it was a bustling factory run by a Greek family who survived the 1922 disaster in Smyrni. Their skilled hands crafted traditional kitchenware like pots, pans, and the unique “briki”—a special utensil used to brew the renowned Greek coffee following a time-honoured ritual.

To pay homage to the building’s legacy, each apartment at Thess Residences is equipped with a briki and detailed instructions for preparing the traditional Greek coffee. Here, you’ll savour not only the bold flavour of classic Greek coffee but also the immersive experience of brewing it.

Thess Residences is your “home away from home,” where you can unwind and map out your Thessaloniki adventures amidst a slice of the city’s rich culture. Whether your journey here is for work, study, or pleasure, Thess Residences stands unrivaled as a choice for fully serviced apartments in Thessaloniki, exuding the ambiance of a residential home or complex over the feel of a mere rental property.

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Redefining Thessaloniki’s accommodation

Situated in the heart of the city’s most up-and-coming neighbourhood, Thess Residences is a stately four-storey building housing 25 luxurious holiday apartments. Conveniently located, we’re just a short walk away from Thessaloniki’s most cherished landmarks. Our flats, recently transformed from their foundations through meticulous refurbishment, are the epitome of luxury apartments in Thessaloniki. Each apartment is fully outfitted with modern amenities, coupled with our residence managers’ superior professional services, ready to assist you from check-in and throughout your stay, catering to your every need. In addition to being an excellent option for vacation home rentals, Thess Residences also offers long-term rental options. 

Our amenities extend beyond the standard, featuring a wellness and fitness centre, and dedicated facilities for laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing. We ensure that even the smallest details of your daily routine are taken care of.The lower level of our building extends the comfort of your stay, offering a cosy home cinema area with a TV and plush sofas, a fully-equipped meeting room, and a private office featuring a desk and a PC. The premium design and furnishing of our apartments, paired with our exceptional facilities and services, take Thess Residences beyond the realm of typical short-term accommodation in Thessaloniki. We are not just offering Thessaloniki apartments for rent—we provide a genuine residence, your very own home in Thessaloniki!

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